The Junior Pageant has been held each year in conjunction with the parade. Judged on appearance, personality and poise the Junior Royal Court is selected from local 5 year olds.

For months ahead of The Festival local area high school women participate in a scholarship program to be recognized as the Pear Blossom Queen and Court. These outstanding young ladies are judged on school leadership skills, academic achievement, community involvement, an interview with judges, writing and presenting an essay and answering impromptu questions on stage during the annual Pageant.

The 2021 Coronation events will be held at the North Medford High School Auditorium:

Jr. Royalty Coronation – 10am on March 26th at First Baptist Church,  649 Crater Lake Ave, Medford
For more info Call 541-840-7209. Must be 5 years old on pageant day to enter. Please call for application.

Sr. Royalty Scholarship Competition – 2pm on March 26th at First Baptist Church,  649 Crater Lake Ave, Medford
For more info Call 541-840-7209

Pear Blossom #RCHBaby Contest

Enter for a chance to win a $250 Visa gift card!

All babies are beautiful, so for this year’s Pear Blossom Baby Contest, we want to see PERSONALITIES!

There are 3 categories & 3 chances to win!

  1. Funny Face: A funny face your baby made.
  2. Furry Friend: Your baby with a furry animal friend.
  3. Fierce Fighter: A challenge your baby has overcome.


Deadline: March 31, 2021, by 11:59 PST

  1. 1️. Share a photo or video at or on your Instagram feed.
  2. 2️. Include tags @roguecommunityhealth and #RCHBaby. Include the category you are submitting to.

Winners will be announced April 5, 2021 on the @roguecommunityhealth Facebook, Instagram and on our website.

Winners for each category will be selected by reviewing highest number of gallery votes for each category at the time the contest closes (March 31, 2021, 11:59 PST).

Enter, vote and see official rules at


Concurso de bebés Pear Blossom #RCHBebe

¡Participa para ganar una tarjeta de regalo Visa de $250!

Todos los bebés son hermosos, por eso, para el concurso de bebés de este año de Pear Blossom, ¡queremos ver PERSONALIDADES!

¡Son 3 categorías & 3 oportunidades para ganar!

  1. Cara graciosa: Una cara graciosa que hizo tu bebé
  2. Amigo animal: Tu bebé con un animal o mascota
  3. Luchador feroz: Un reto que tu bebé ha superado


Fecha límite: 31 de marzo de 2021, hasta las 11:59 PST

  1. Comparte una foto o video en o en tu Instagram. Puedes incluir una leyenda para contar la historia.
  2.  Incluye las etiquetas @roguecommunityhealth y #RCHBebe. Menciona la categoría en la que estás participando.

Los ganadores serán anunciados el 5 de abril de 2021 en @roguecommunityhealth Facebook, Instagram y en nuestro sitio web.

Los ganadores de cada categoría serán seleccionados por el mayor número de votos recibidos en cada categoría hasta el momento del cierre del concurso (31 de marzo de 2021, 11:59 PST).

Ingresa, vota y lee el reglamento oficial del concurso en

2019 King Aziah Carter & Queen Avery Pierce

2019 Queen’s Scholarship Competition

Top row: Morgan Curry, Ashleigh Scheuneman, Abigail Rademacher, Darci Layer
Bottom row: Zoe Walton, Kaylah Tartaglio, Gabi Philp